Orbea R10 Helmet M Red/Blk

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Top-tier cycling helmets are a numbers game that target blends of aerodynamics, weight and ventilation. Advances in one area usually come at the expense of the others and extreme specialization has become more popular than versatility. That's why the Orbea R10 is unique - By going Slim - reducing volume, reducing contact points and reducing material, it's as lightweight and well-ventilated as the best road helmets while offering aerodynamic numbers to rival those of hybrid aero helmets. In the wind tunnel and on the road, big is bad. The close fit of the R10 already puts it ahead of larger, high-drag traditional road helmets. By installing the included cover, drag numbers match competitors hybrid aero models without giving up the ability to go with full ventilation the next day. If it's windy or rainy, cover up. If it's 35º C on the Tourmalet, let the breeze in. Instead of owning two helmets that may or may not do what they look like they do, choose the R10 and win in all conditions. The versatile benefits of this slim helmet add up to a hefty advantage.